The current trend on risk-management is to develop a global and integrated approach that aims at grafting on the existing management system a decision process at all levels, strategic, tactic and operational, that includes a consideration of risk, both threat and opportunity, based on the two main international standards, ISO 31000:2018 and COSO-ERM 2017. This approach allows directors and officers to deliver their duty in terms of risk governance while gaining control over change processes that maintains the organisation’s relevance on its market.

We call only on professionals that are certified through institutions internationally recognised in risk management and governance and thanks to our direct and continuous involvement in the development of the relevant international standards we can provide a wide array of services including the following :

  • Support and assistance in developing ERM programmes, aligned to ISO and COSO;

  • Support and assistance in the process to define risk tolerance/appetite and their translation into acceptable risk criteria and/or indices;

  • Support and assistance for an efficient implementation of programme ERM, specifically the training/action of risk-owners;

  • Support and assistance for the deployment in the whole organisation and systematic exposure diagnostic process (risk assessment – risk mapping – risk/objectives register);

  • Support and assistance in matter of continuity planning (ISO 22301) and crisis management;

  • Audit and review of existing programme and maturity assessment.